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DDE : AppHide

The Acrobat application is minimized. However, it is not displayed in the taskbar. It only remains as a process in the memory. It is possible to use it at any time.Only Acrobat can be used. It is not possible to use it with Acrobat Reader. Syntax [AppHide()] Returns true: the Acrobat application is hidden successfully. false: otherwise. Notes: The return value cannot be acquired with DDE of VBA of Excel. Sample: VBA of Excel The Acrobat application is minimized. Please confirm the test by the step execution with F8 key. Sub DDE_AppHide()    Dim lChanNo     As Long     ‘DDE channel number    Dim strFilePath As String    ‘The full path of PDF file        ‘The Acrobat … Continue reading DDE : AppHide