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DDE : DocSetViewMode

Only the bookmark, the thumbnail image, and the document change the view mode to the display.It doesn’t operate in Acrobat Reader. Syntax [DocSetViewMode(char* fullPath, char* viewType)] Argument fullPath[char*] The full path of the PDF file. It is necessary already to be opened by the Acrobat application. viewType[char*] The following character strings are specified with the view mode.    PDUseThumbs – ‘Page’ Display    PDUseNone – ‘Only document’ Display    PDUseBookmarks – ‘It does and descend’ The display. Returns true The view mode is set successfully false Otherwise. Notes: The return value cannot be acquired with DDE of VBA of Excel. Sample: VBA of Excel The view mode of Acrobat PDF is changed to … Continue reading DDE : DocSetViewMode